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Physical Consequences Of Drug Use The Body

The Substances and medications that we ingest into our bodies can directly affect our appearance. When you abuse drugs your appearance gives you an away. We have so many effects of drug abuse that will cause your looks to change.

Your skin tone will change automatically. , For example, alcohol will give your skin a pink tone, this is due to its effects on the blood vessels, it opens them up hence the result. On the other hand drugs like heroin or meth cause dullness in the skin tone. As you use that drug be sure that your skin tone is being messed up you will realize only when it’s too late.

Irritations on the skin are other common things that you will experience with drug abuse. Certain drugs cause wounds. If you are abusing met or heroin then you will have to scratch yourself so bad. The subtle itches feel extreme until the skin breaks. Also scratching and picking leads to larger scrabs on the face and the body which may, in turn, cause acne and irritation. Your skin would look so old with scars and scrabs which is not cool.

Another extreme effect is tooth decay. Heroin for example is very dangerous to the health of the teeth, for a drug user it will lower the blood pressure and once that is done, what follows is that , there would be insufficient blood supply to the roots, the roots would eventually die hence tooth decay. With your teeth decayed already you cannot hide that we all see that. The other appearance destroying the effect of drugs is mouth conditions. Oral health can interfere with the use of some drugs as well. Substances like tur alcohol cause severe acid reflux which destroys the soft tissue in your mouth. There is another situation that is really bad, the meth mouth, when this happens the breath becomes awful, ulcers may develop in one’s mouth plus that your teeth get stained.

As if that is not enough we have weight loss and weight gain. With consumption of substances like cocaine or opioids your appetite gets lost, so you thin up, and you develop a skeletal appearance. With heroin, your fats are gone, so you remain a skeleton too. Alcohol may lead to weight gain, this comes about as a result of alcohol causing blood vessels to open up hence the flow of blood and nutrients to body parts is faster, then your body swells, and you gain Some significant weight. Hair may get lost. For instance if you consume steroids, you are likely to have chest hair while at the same time hair on your head is thinning and breaking.