Don’t chase away other allies like frogs and lizards. You already know that birds and certain insects are your allies. But remember that critters like frogs and lizards are too, as they eat a lot of insects.

When planting transplants you want to space then 4 to 6 inches apart and about 2 inches deep.If you are planning on harvesting the onions young then you will want to use the closer 4 inch spacing.

For example you could put out a Google adwords ad up right know, you control the cost and what the budget is, and in five minutes be running traffic to your site. So start thinking in terms that traffic is plentiful. There is lots of traffic out there. Traffic is everywhere for peters sake!

Organic Gardening. There are a lot of people that do organic gardening and they don’t even know it. By definition it’s the growing of fruits and vegetables using only natural methods. In essence, it means there are no artificial chemicals used to fertilize, control weeds and control pests.