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There are a number of organic fertilizers you can use on your organic garden or farm. Why would you want to get involved in brewing, straining, and spraying compost tea? Why not just work fresh compost directly into the soil?

More economical. If you are a farmer, it is natural for you to find ways to lessen your cost yet produce something healthy for the market. Chemical fertilizers are manufactured by big and international companies. Because of this, their cost is quite expensive.

It is not just the fact that pesticides need not be included but the correct organic mixture can really make a difference. Compost is bar none the best fertilizer for an organic garden. Making a compost bin and keeping up with the ingredients can seem like a daunting task, but once the bin is built and working correctly you will be developing your own free super fertilizer. You can recycle many things that you would normally throw away at the same time. If you are interested I would suggest researching the net for the compost setup that fits you best.