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the Origin of Guy Fawkes Mask and Its Development.

It was the time when Queen Elizabeth was a ruler that Guy Fawkes was alive. It was then that when you did something that was against the queen you could be killed. The punishment was to be hanged or separate the head from the body. Guy Fawkes then saw that the sentence was too much and decided to kill himself by jumping from a ladder. For more information, read on to discover guy Fawkes mask invention and its revolution.

Queen Elizabeth 1 did not entertain anyone who was a Catholic, and therefore she killed many priests. This made King James do so when he was given the power to be king. Guy Fawkes was a Catholic and he was tired of this behaviour. It was then that he and other Catholics decided to blow up the house of the parliament with gunpowder.

The life of Guy Fawkes was mostly spent in the battles. He was not impressed by the way King James was treating Catholics. Therefore, he decided to ask the king of Spain to start an English rebellion. It was made possible because they wanted to be against King James. This kind of act inspired Guy Fawkes in making the gunpowder plan.

They were to put the gun powders in the basements of the houses of the lords. Guy Fawkes knew that the best day to do the explosion was the day that the parliament would be opened. The day that Guy Fawkes chose was a good day because he knew that King James and his son would come. Their plan did not succeed since someone sent a letter to the authorities and it was about the gunpowder. It was then that Guy Fawkes was found guilty since he was found in the basement with matches. On November 5th it become his day, people would wear masks of his face and mock him. By then people had not seen him as their hero.

Some camps were set all through England. It was in this camps that there came a prisoner called V. He was detained because scientists used to have tests done on him. The lucky day of V came, and he was free, and therefore he decided to set the camp on fire. It was then that V concluded that he would revenge on those who made him a prisoner. When doing this, he would wear the Guy Fawkes mask which would motivate him. Wearing the Guy Fawkes mask was like wearing the human rights shirt.

V met a girl called Evey and the joined hands to fight the evil political parties. It was then that Guy Fawkes was seen as a hero because his mask was as a sign of freedom.