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What You Must Consider as You Buy an Automatic External Defibrillator

Cardiac arrest is a leading cause of death in recent times, but these deaths can be significantly reduced with the help of an automatic external defibrillator. It is quite common to find an AED in most buildings because many people have heart diseases and these machines can help save their lives. A first aid kit is never complete without an AED, and that shows how essential it is nowadays. For most people, price determines what AED they buy, but in this article, you will see more considerations you ought to make.

Get a prescription from your physician. A doctor’s prescription is a prerequisite in most cases when you are purchasing an AED. FDA stipulates regulations on manufacturing and purchase of medical equipment and this one is no exception. However, in some cases, you can find retailers who do not request to see a prescription, and you can purchase an AED from them without hassle. If you do not have an order, you can obtain it from your medical director or family physician.

Determine the essential features of the AED. The most suitable AED is determined by your environment and the kind of patients you are likely to have. AEDs come with different features which not only make them sophisticated but determines their ease of use. The features also determine ease of use, accessibility, reliability, and durability of the machine. For instance, most AEDs have lithium-ion batteries, built-in printers, CPR metronomes, and ECG monitoring. Depending on the circumstance and available finances, you can opt for either automatic or semi-automatic one.

Consider AED certifications and other requirements. As a layperson, you might not be aware of many issues concerning AEDs, but you can consult your medical director for guidance. You should know the guidelines before having the AED in a premise. Do not make assumptions but consult your physician for directions and clear instructions. AEDs require inspections and maintenance so that they are in excellent condition for use at all times. Have detailed records of the maintenance schedule, personnel training, replacement of defibrillation pads and batteries.

Consider your budget for the purchase of AED. There is no standard price for AEDs, and thus, retailers sell them at different prices. It is recommendable to compare the cost of AEDs on different outlets and preferably, you should do it online where there is a wide range of items. AEDs are expensive and sometimes, you require financial assistance such as grants from states or public institutions. Compare the prices of AEDs in different retail outlets and settle for the most affordable one.

Get training. Without mastering how to use the AED, it will not be helpful. Find a certified trainer to guide you on using it. The AED you purchase should have simple instructions for use, and it is recommendable that the trainer gives a certificate after the course.