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Your Guide to Proper CBD Intake

CBD is the rage when it comes to pain relief. There are people who taken in CBD through the use of a vapor pen and inhale the smoke it produces. Other CBD products can be taken in through the tongue and by means of a dropper. CBD has been the talk of the town these years now but it seems like people still do not get the accurate guide on how much of the medicine they should take in at a specific point of time. Learn some useful info. about CBD and CBD dosage from the following paragraphs.

CBD: How to Determine the Right Dosage for You


CBD is a short term for Cannabidiol. It is a natural compound that can be extracted from the cannabis plant’s flowering part. Based on medical researches, the compound is safe for medical use and is non-addictive. So to say, this is the safe marijuana. Today, CBD products range in kids.


Although medical marijuana is explicitly allowed in many states, there are places that are silent about it. The use or intake of CBD is legal which means that it is allowed for use. It may also be consumed in the absence of a physician’s prescription. You can find it in many corners of your town or over the internet. But then again, a consultation to your doctor will play greatly for the sake of knowing that you can really take CBD. This will be very essential if you have been diagnosed of an ailment and are currently taking in a set of doctor-prescribed medications. Your medications and the CBD oil could have a reaction.


Because that the Food and Drug Administration does not regulate CBD, you will not find any recommended daily intake chart. But the usual dosage for many people is one dropper per day. But there might be some other points that need to be facilitated before the proper CBD dosage can be determined.

1. Body Weight With people of various body weights, different dosages of CBD oil apply. It is often recommended that the dosage of 1 – 6 MG of CBD oil should be given per 10 pounds of a person’s weight.

2. Level of Pain In some cases, you need to consider the kind of pain that you feel to know how much of the CBD oil can be taken at the time. Usually, you are allowed to take in more amount of CBD if the pain is really severe.

There are also cases where you need to check out the concentration of the CBD oil for proper dosage.