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Guidelines on How Often Your Child Should Be Engaging with Modern Technology

According to research done in various parts of almost eight percent of kids aged thirteen and above have a smartphone. Given the numerous technological inventions like the smartphones, tablets, computers and other gadgets, many parents don’t know exactly the right age a child should be introduced to these gadgets and for how long. In case you not sure of the right time to introduce your kid to new technology then it is important that you look at various guidelines explained in this article.

The primary thing you need to evaluate when you are planning to introduce your child to new technology is understanding the motive of decision. It is important to make sure you understand why your kid needs a smartphone, a tablet or a computer before you buy him or her the gadget. Many parents have used various devices such as a smartphone or a tablet to entertain their child. While giving out smartphones to your child can be the right thing, you should not make it a habit. There are some types of entertainment that can actually be beneficial to your kid. For example in an experiment that was done on various children who watch Sesame Street reviled that those who did watch it had a greater concentration in school and had good academic results. But it is important to note that not all games, apps, and TV shows will improve the academic grades of your kid.

The second consideration you need to make to help you evaluate when right age to introduce technology to your child is to know the dangers of the internet. You may imagine that by essentially blocking grown-up sites, and downloading child-friendly applications, that you’re protecting your children from being exposed to mature content. Sadly in a few cases there are some videos that are grouped as children content have some videos and audios that explicit to your child. While various social media sites claim that they have installed various security features to restrict these obscene videos and audios, some content slip and can reach your child. If you have allowed your child access to YouTube videos via their mobile phone or tablet, you need to make sure all the content the child views or sees is within their age bracket.

The third strategy you can use to help you protect your child negative technological changes that can affect their development is by finding the right apps and software. When you’ve concluded that it’s an ideal opportunity to acquaint your child with applications and programming, it’s your job as a parent to limit which options will be the most gainful and safe alternative for them.

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