The In’s And Out’s Of Organic Gardening

Thus, I am putting out a call for local vendors of peat moss, sand, compost and other soil amendments / gardening supplies at retail (bulk OR bagged) to contact me ASAP for inclusion in a listing.

Keep your garden soil healthy. Soils contain natural minerals and vitamins. That is the reason why if your lawn has a fertile soil, then you can easily grow plants.

Companion planting is an easy-to-use method that can help plants grow larger and healthier. It’s extremely popular in Organic Gardening, since you don’t need to buy or use any chemicals on your plants to reap the benefits. But even if you don’t practice Organic Gardening, you can still use the same methods to get happier plants and larger crops.

The week after we planted our organic garden, in mid-April, it turned cold. We didn’t get a hard freeze, but we did get day after day of pouring rain. The garlic plants, all started indoors, were washed from their planted locations to the middle of walkways and to neighboring plots. The marigolds planted to keep insects away seemed to be the one type of plants that actually grew. Things sprouted in the plant beds and then i realized that none of us remembered what a freshly sprouted bean plant looked like. No one could tell the difference between a carrot and a weed.

But just as some plants benefit from being planted next to each other, others hate being next to each other. Planting them together can make one or both of the plants grow much slower, and potentially reduce their yield. For example tomatoes hate growing near potatoes or corn. Strangely enough, this hatred doesn’t always go both ways. While corn also hates growing next to tomatoes, potatoes don’t care if they are planted next to either vegetable (and in fact like being near corn).

To grow an organic garden, you need to anticipate problems that you may encounter. Keep a garden diary to document problems that you encounter and treatments that were effective for you. This way, you can adjust your planting patterns and types of plants each year. Many people find that it takes a bit of research to really have a successful organic garden.

Do take care of problems when you first notice them. If you see a leaf turning yellow, a white mildew starting to appear, black spots or you see pests, take care of the problem right away. because the longer you wait, the harder it will be to get it under control.

I have an Ever Bamboo Room Deodorizer pack in our bedroom, tucked away on a nightstand shelf. Our bedroom gets a lot of traffic because the main bathroom is only reachable through our room. Collectively, we also throw clothes and shoes around until someone (like me) remembers to clean up. We have noticed a significant change is the way our bedroom smells, especially when the bedroom door is opened while I’m cooking dinner. There is no cooking odors noticeable in the room and overall has a fresher smell to it. I plan to move this packet to my son’s room though, as it is smaller and odor changes will be significantly more noticeable in there.